Station House Mews Neighbourhood Area

Station House Mews Neighbourhood Area

Station House Mews Area Forum

Forum Objectives

To attract socioeconomic regeneration, sustainability and redevelopment directly for the benefit and well-being of individuals living, or wanting to live in the local community from local, regional, national and international governments to our neighbourhood, for a for people or local residents unified by common interest, collective in mission especially in the context of social values and responsibilities, such as denoting a worker, regeneration matter or resources, designed to serve the people of our community,

To run regular forums for all working and living within our local community in a common aim, interest and joint ownership in developing our neighbourhood, on Socioeconomic regeneration, sustainability and redevelopment of our neighbourhood for the community good

Forum for sharing and managing resources or having certain attitudes and interest in common, forum to ensure community ownership and to organise activities, community health and wellbeing, meetings to ensure growth, up-skilling ,and environmental enhancements, endeavour to promote at all times economic sustainability of members, their families and the local community by working closely with local, national and international Governments on strategic community and people development policies, to organise ,promote and develop generally welfare of our beneficiaries and to foster the spirit of unity, co-operation and harmony amongst our members and local community through crusade, educational and cultural functions and performances through meetings, lectures and conferences,

To promote for the benefit of the public and in particular for socially and economically deprived members and their families, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political affiliation, religious or other opinion, by associating the local authorities, voluntary organisations in addition to inhabitants in a common effort to advance Civil Duties and Civic responsibilities, aim to provide services and facilities in the interest of social welfare with the object of improving the conditions of lives fro the deprived people within the local community, to facilitate the relief of poverty for our beneficiaries by providing such persons with free confidential and impartial advice, information, assistance, referrals, signposting, representations in matters including micro-finance, health promotion, leadership skills and quality, to network and work in partnership with Statutory, private and public sectors business, Local-Regional-National and International Governments, Charitable Trusts, Community and voluntary groups, to jointly develop projects which will benefit our members and community at large.

Area Map of Edmonton 2

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